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Gentleman Jack
by Anne Choma

Anne Choma Book: The real Anne Lister is the official companion to the hit BBC series created by Sally Wainwright and starring Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle.

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by Kira Chase

Rachel Summers is tired of living in the closet with her partner Kerri Tabor. She yearns for the excitement of a big city where they can be open about their relationship...

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Got a hot date?
by Anon.

I entered the bathroom to find Norah Jones playing softly in the background, candles everywhere, a bottle of wine with two wine glasses sitting on the side of the garden tub, and my wife submersed to the chin in a steamy bubble bath...

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Passion Rediscovered
by Nicky

We have been living together for quite sometime. We are two different people from very different backgrounds.

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Today I thought back.
by Jennifer Elliott

Today I thought back. I remembered looking into your eyes, smelling your skin, tasting your lips. Running my tongue down your neck to your erect nipples.

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Our First Time
by Kristin Miyagishima

It was our first time. As the outside world rushed, as the ancient stars illuminated the darkened sky, as rain pelted softly upon the window pane, we existed as the sole inhabitants of our universe...

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