Short Stories

by Anon.

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I entered the bathroom to find Norah Jones playing softly in the background, candles everywhere, a bottle of wine with two wine glasses sitting on the side of the garden tub, and my wife submersed to the chin in a steamy bubble bath...

I entered the bathroom to find Norah Jones playing softly in the background, candles everywhere, a bottle of wine with two wine glasses sitting on the side of the garden tub, and my wife submersed to the chin in a steamy bubble bath. A gorgeous redhead with the sexiest blue eyes capable of making me wet by simply being in the room with me, was now stretched out in the tub with only bubbles hiding some of my most favourite areas.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the tub. ?Got a hot date??, I asked. ?It?ll be hot and steamy before we?re done?, she smiled at me while her ?fuck me? eyes never left mine. ?Am I invited??, I teased. ?It?s got to be you, you?re the only one that makes me wet and can get me off?, she said while raising one eyebrow but never breaking that ?fuck me? gaze. I knelt beside the tub and pulled the bath sponge into the water. Sliding my hand behind her ankle, I raised her leg and began bathing her. I was sure to cover every inch, noticing how erect her nipples were. As she sipped her wine I slid my hand down her leg, lifted her foot and rested it on the side of the tub, giving me access to her swollen clit. I eased my hand back up her leg, along the inside of her thigh, to her soft labia. I gently slid my middle finger up to her clit. She moaned lightly and I felt her hips squirm a little under my hand. Her eyes never left mine. Eyes that relayed her desire for me and my touch with great ease.

Slowly circling her clit with my finger, applying just enough pressure to make her push her clit against my hand, she reached up and pulled my mouth to her nipple. Sliding my tongue across her erect nipple, she began to arch her back, making both nipples visible. Every inch of her body wanting me. I ran my tongue from one nipple to the other, then up her chest to her neck, then to her mouth.

Her gentle moans as I kissed her were all I could bear. My finger began circling her clit faster and faster. She grabbed my arm at the elbow so I couldn?t move it or pull it away. She arched her back even higher and began to rock her hips against my hand. I slowed my finger down to a snails pace as she began to cum. She screamed with ecstasy as she grabbed my neck and pulled me to her. It was a long, slow cum that seemed to last forever. Afterwards, she began to pant for air and slipped back down into the water.

I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her hips up to put her on her hands and knees. I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began to fuck her long and hard. She pressed her face and breasts against the cold tile as she begged me to fuck her harder. I reach up with my other hand and grabbed a handful of hair, gently pulling her head back and began biting and sucking her neck and shoulders. From this position I could see a sexy tattoo between her shoulder blades that marked her as mine. It was our initials. A birthday gift to me from the year before. Pointing my fingers down to hit her G-spot every time I pulled out, she responded by begging me to make her cum. Just when she couldn?t take any more I curled my fingers down, pressing her spot even tighter. She began to hunch her hips as she started to cum. She rocked against my hand as she screamed out my name. I love when I can make her do that. That too marks her as mine. No one else gets to make her feel this way.

Once her orgasm passed she slid back down into the tub. She was glossy-eyed and still breathing heavy when I stood her up, helping her out of the bath and began to dry her off. Without a word she was instantly on me. She jerked my shirt up over my head and off, tossing it on the floor. She immediately took my nipple into her mouth as she was unbuttoning my jeans and sliding a hand down to my soaking wet pussy. She slid inside of me and began fucking me so hard she rocked me against the wall. My knees began to feel weak like gelatin.

The sensation was so incredible I couldn?t coordinate rational thought with my hands to do anything in return. I could merely hold onto her. With her available hand she was able to get my jeans down enough I could step out. With one of my legs wrapped around her waist, she steadily fucked me. Before allowing me to cum, she spun me around and pressed me against the cold tile wall and slid deep into me, fucking me hard and steady. From this position she reached around taking a handful of my breast, pinching my nipple between her thumb and first finger. The sensation was painful and exhilarating at the same time.

From this position she could also see my naked back with my matching tattoo, marking me as hers. She thrusted harder and harder into me until I was on my tiptoes against the wall. She used her body to press me there, so I couldn?t move, as she made me cum. I felt the orgasm start at my G-spot, run through my clit, and up my spine. It felt like someone had shot off a rocket inside of me. I could only clutch the wall and scream with pleasure.

I remember waking up, lying curled up in her arm pit with a perfectly round breast in my face, on the bathroom floor. Norah Jones still playing softly in the background. The bubbles still fizzing lazily in the bathtub. The smell of lavender and sex still in the air. Completely satisfied and relaxed I could only think of how refreshing bubble baths can be.