Short Stories

by Kira Chase

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Rachel Summers is tired of living in the closet with her partner Kerri Tabor. She yearns for the excitement of a big city where they can be open about their relationship...

Introduction to Destiny

Rachel Summers is tired of living in the closet with her partner Kerri Tabor. She yearns for the excitement of a big city where they can be open about their relationship, but Kerri is reluctant to leave Wilson Point. Kerri informs her that if she leaves, then their relationship is over.

Rachel sets out on her own to New York City, refusing to believe that Kerri has broken up with her, and assuming Kerri will be only too happy to join her after she settles in. Rachel lands a job, nice affordable apartment and a new friend Angela, but longs for Kerri.

Excerpt From Chapter 1

Kerri removed her arm from Rachel?s shoulder and turned to face her. ?Rachel, aren?t you being a little immature to quit your job just like that? We?re not kids, for God?s sake and we both know how difficult good jobs are to find.?
Rachel stiffened. ?I don?t think I?m being immature at all. I want to see what the rest of the world has to offer before I get any older,? she retorted in an icy tone. ?I don?t want to look back someday with regrets for what I could have done with my life.?
?Wow, I can?t believe you?d act on impulse without thinking things through.? She emphatically shook her head back and forth. ?This is so unlike you. If I didn?t know better I?d think you were going through a mid life crisis.?
?I?m not having a crisis,? she snapped. ?I did think everything through. That?s all I?ve been doing for months now. I?ve weighed the pros and cons. Sometimes taking a risk opens up wonderful new opportunities.? Kerri?s attitude annoyed her. She was treating her like a child, but worse than that, Kerri was belittling her.
?What exactly are you looking for, Rachel? I thought we were building a future together here. Don?t you think quitting your job should have come under the list of things to be discussed as a couple? I certainly do. If I wanted to do something as drastic I certainly would have talked it through with you first before doing it.?
Rachel rolled her eyes. ?Don?t you ever think there?s something more to be gained out of life? How can just existing make you happy??
?I?m not ?just existing? as you put it. That?s why I?m in design school. I know that eventually I?ll leave here, but it won?t be for a couple of more years. I?ll still be young; we?ll both still be young.? Her eyes brightened. ?We?ll have the rest of our lives together, honey, and I promise you it won?t be in Wilson Point.? She patted Rachel?s hand. ?I don?t want to fight.?
?You?ll end up staying here and never leaving.?
?You have no right to assume that, Rachel.? She folded her arms over her chest. ?What exactly do you want?? she quietly asked.
Rachel shrugged. ?More than what Wilson Point is offering, I suppose.?
?More than what I?m offering.? She swallowed hard.
Rachel looked at her barely able to stand the pain in her lover?s eyes. ?I love you with all my heart, Kerri. I want a future with you, but just not here.?
?I can?t figure you out at all some times, but I can tell you one thing?the way you?re talking doesn?t make me feel very secure.?
?I do love you so much, Kerri. Please don?t ever doubt that.? She grabbed Kerri?s hands.
Kerri gazed into Rachel?s eyes then leaned in closer softly moving her lips as she gently caressed Rachel?s neck with tender kisses. ?Do you?? she hoarsely whispered. ?Show me.? She rubbed Rachel?s back, and then unhurriedly undid her bra. Her hands found the familiar breasts and she softly cupped them, massaging first one and then the other. A moan escaped from Rachel?s lips. ?We have so much passion together,? she murmured slipping a hand inside Rachel?s jeans and teasing her with her fingertips until Rachel hurriedly undid her jeans sliding them down her slender legs. Kerri removed Rachel?s panties and her tongue expertly travelled to Rachel?s throbbing clit.