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No Shame Vulvas

This on-line exhibition represents an archive of abstract, metaphorical, poetic and anatomical vulvas.

ENTER The lesbian kama sutra No Shame Vulvas Gallery.

You are welcome to join the fun in the lesbiankamasutra No shame vulvas gallery, an archive of our vulvas. Please send your image in jpg format by replying and attaching it to the email you will receive after you've submitted your contribution in Wanted. Celebrate your vulvas with us and send your pictures! (Don't worry about the picture quality we will optimise your contribution).

Medieval Hindus preceded Thomas Ernst Gräfenberg by calling the G. spot Saspanda. The female ejaculation is called Kama Salila. The clitoris is called the Madana Chatra and the flow of vaginal fluid on sexual arousal is called the Mada vahi (sperm flowing) artery as Hindus believed the vulva to be much like the penis with its flowing liquids and they therefore perceived the female genitalia as of equal importance.

How tragic that this wisdom is now largely forgotten and women have been conditioned to be ashamed of their vulvas and the clitoris is still seen as an obscurity or some thing to be removed!

No shame vulvas translates from German schämen - to be ashamed, die Scham - shame, Schamberg- mount of venus , Schamlippen ? labia, schamlos ?shameless. Our gallery celebrates our lack of shame without being indecent. We are shamelessly proud of our sexual organ!

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