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Hello Fanny,
How Do You Do?

Is the lesbian kama sutra diagrammatical educational drawing. Visit Auto Sex in Sexions for the 'Journey of Discovery'.

Sapphosophy - NO SHAME VULVAS

This on-line exhibition represents an archive of abstract, metaphorical, poetic and anatomical vulvas.

Please send your pictures (jpg format) by replying and attaching it to the email you will receive after you've submitted your contribution text in Wanted.

Participate in our No Shame Vulvas Gallery! Celebrate your vulvas with us - Don't worry about the picture quality we will optimize your contribution.

Click on an image to enlarge.

Lovely slippery soaps!
Erotic soap

Gates of Insanity

Vulva Study
By Sarah

Vulva Sunset
By Sarah

Page of delightful sketches
By Sarah

Embroidered Vulva Collective
This is an embroidered vulva made in a woman's sewing circle. The opportunity to speak openly about size, shape and beauty was wonderful as most women had never spoken so freely about their own vulva or heard about anyone elses.


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