Sapphosophy - TANTRA

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Tantra is a guide to passionate self-expression and proposes methods through dynamic meditation to achieve subjective awareness. Tantra utilises the five senses to explore sensitivity and intimacy to increase awareness of 'love'.

Within each lesbian lovemaking chapter there is a Tantric meditation or 'sexercise' closely connected with the position displayed, with step-by-step instructions for the individual to do alone, with a partner or to gain more intimacy with a friend.

We have included Tantra in the web guide because Tantra has become a synonym for "spiritual sex" or "sacred sexuality", a belief that sex in itself ought to be recognized as a sacred act which is capable of elevating lovers to a more sublime spiritual plane.


Experiment with the Tantra breast meditation in the lesbiankamasutra free chapter sample Apples and Pairs

What is Tantra?

Tantra is composed of Sanskrit words and has several ways it can be understood. It means 'the way' but also 'methods' and, in an expanded sense 'methods of going beyond'. It can mean 'transformation', 'expansion', and 'weaving'. Tantra embraces every single aspect of our life experience; it weaves together all its many aspects.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that predates many of the worlds established religions. Although strands have emerged within established religious doctrines it is not itself a religion, as it requires no prior belief, but simply a willingness to investigate.

The earliest teachers of Tantra were often women, especially those who earned their livelihood as washer women (dombi) and other women from lower castes. One such guru was 'Lady in Saffron' who was a coconut vendor and apparently an accomplished Tantric adept. Tantra is a method of investigation, it is a way of living that helps us to open our hearts and minds and celebrate the whole of life.

Though Lesbian Kama Sutra has adopted many of the concepts and terminology of Indian Tantra, it omits the traditional reliance on guruparampara (the guidance of a guru), and traditional rules of conduct--both moral and ritualistic. We are mostly concerned with the extensive meditative practice of Tantra.

What is Shakti?

Tantra and Shaktism as two distinct historical streams of spirituality have greatly influenced each other over the centuries. Shakti is a universal principle of the feminine aspect of power. We describe Shaktism as goddess worship and all the references to the divine in lesbiankamasutra are devoted to her, Shakti, the energetic embodiment of female reality in the divine multi-iverse.

How can Tantra be lesbian?

We have developed Tantric lesbian love or lesbiankamasutra Tantra, different from the heterosexual Tantra. We have lesbian interpretations of tantric philosophies and meditations. We have concocted our own idiosyncratic meditations and exercises and taken some aspects of the Tantra teachings as a tool to aid self-knowledge, especially the aspects dedicated to the body and the unburdening of conditioned reflexes so that we can learn the Tantric methods for ourselves and benefit from it as women.

Tantra is essentially the marriage of energy and consciousness. The heterosexual Tantric symbol is of Yab Yum: A picture of a male and female deity in divine sexual embrace, which represents the union of pure energy, the female deity or goddess, with pure consciousness, the male deity or god.

We have decided to invent a lesbian tantric symbol Yum Yum: A picture of two female deities in a cosmic spiritual sexual embrace, which represents the union of pure energy with pure consciousness.

Why lesbian kama sutra tantra?

What we hope to achieve by developing tantric lesbian love is to integrate the union of lesbian sex, love and meditation. We shall progress along the lesbiankamasutra tantric path to lesbian tantric discovery. Integrate Tantra into the fabric of your every day lives, whether in relationship or not, we are all constantly in a relationship with ourselves and so Tantra is relevant to every one.