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A particular favourite in sapphosophy is the subject of film. This focuses on films, television and video with lesbian characters and plots, also films made by lesbian and women directors and films made by men with lesbian characters.

Most of us are very excited to see lesbians represented in the media. Lesbianism is largely invisible and if it were not for the medium of film and television we would be very poorly represented.

We have researched the Internet for you and the best websites we found are listed in our film lezzy link page. Please send us links of other high quality sites that show the extensive world of film concerning lesbian sexuality.

We welcome your reviews, comments and articles about films and related to lesbian sexuality and experience. We offer you the opportunity to publish your article and share it with all of us. It is completely free; include your biography and contact details if you wish. We wish to concentrate on your articles and essays, which especially go beyond film reviews or short descriptions

Send contributions as text or images for the Sapphosophy Archive and get a complimentary month of access to the Kama Sutra Sexions area.