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We feel that lesbiankamasutra would be lacking if we did not add the all important element of humour. Humour is to ones own individual taste and we hope that the wide variety represented here will tickle your fancy.

The lesbiankamasutra has tons of laughs, please visit our glossaries. We have sex described in tennis terms, sex described in golf terms, vulva types glossary, general lesbian sex terms, no shame vulvas, 69 Reasons Why We Love Being A Lesbian, 77 good things about your fingers, D.I.Y. and lesbian jokes.

Please feel free to contribute, we would love to receive any lesbian humour from you so that we can expand on the lesbiankamasutra fun and games sexion, let's all have a laugh! If you would like to contribute please visit our contact us.

Send contributions as text or images for the Sapphosophy Archive and get a complimentary month of access to the Kama Sutra Sexions area.