Sapphosophy - VULVAS

Vulva terms and descriptions, a glossary of side bursting capacity...

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American Pussy Willow An Ament (or Catkin) is a furry flower cluster with inconspicuous or no petals. The word Ament is from the Latin amentum, meaning "thong" or "strap"
A Pussy Willow A catkin (or Ament) is a furry cluster containing many uni-sexual flowers arranged closely along a central stem which is often drooping. The word Catkin is from the Dutch katteken, meaning "kitten"
Altar of Love. The vulva of your lover
Alter of fluff Fluff and nonsense. A vulva that requires a fluffer to get arroused.
Artichoke Luscious folds of loveliness
Bean Shoot A clitoris that protrudes beyond the labia
Bearded Clam Long pubic hair with prominant labia
Beaver Thick dense pubic hair
Beef Curtains Succulent chunks that taste like heaven
Berger Delicious plump hot vulva with lots of dressing
Black Bess Thick black pubic hair
Box A container that holds all you vital equipment
Brown Madam General vulva tem
Bull's Eye Full, round and wet and all seeing
Bumble Bee Purring with very soft velvet pubic hair

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