Sapphosophy - TENNIS

Sex described in tennis terms, a glossary with love, set and match capacity...

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A game of tennis Two lesbians playing with balls
Ace A stone butch, a woman who does not like to be touched
Back spin Non-orgasm orientated sex
Backhand A lesbian who enjoys anal sex
Backhand volley Sex when you nearly come but donít particularly want to
Cross-court Very energetic sex
Deep pass To tell your lover that you are in love with her
Deuce A mutual or simultaneous orgasm
Doubles A foursome
Doubles match A foursome with two couples
Down the line Suspended on the edge of orgasm
Game A successful sexual conquest after much game playing and flirting
Game Set Match First lovemaking session after falling in love
Good Serve Lesbian sex that leads to orgasm after a very short time
Grand slam Very performance orientated, competitive sex

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