The big queer lingo glossary from Pink News

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Baby Dyke Someone who recently came out as a lesbian
Beersexual Someone who will only engage in lesbian activities when under the influence of alcohol
Bicurious Someone who has shown an interest in other women and may have experimented.
Bottom Someone who is submissive in bed
Bull Dyke The most masculine of butch lesbians
Butch A lesbian who presents masculine
Celesbian A famous lesbian. Check out our handy list of famous lesbians and bisexuals
Chapstick Lesbian Some who presents somewhere between masculine and feminine. Somewhere between butch and femme. Doesn?t wear lipstick ? but might wear chapstick or Carmex
Cis-Het Used by the queer community to describe someone who is cisgender and heterosexual
Cliterference When someone gets in the way of you hitting on or getting it on with someone you?re interested in. It?s the lesbian version of cock blocking, basically
Diesel Dyke Another butch variety of lesbian, similar to bull dyke, but associated with trucks, short hair and plaid shirts
Dopple Banger Someone who is attracted to people who look just like them.
Drag king A person who dresses in clothing more conventionally worn by men with exaggerated masculinity and in masculine gender roles for entertainment or fashion. Not all drag kings are queer women, though most are
Dyke Another term for lesbian. Derogatory when used by people outside of the LGBT+ community, but reclaimed by lesbians, and widely accepted within the queer community
Dykon A famous woman popular among queer women and seen as a gay icon. Not necessarily gay herself

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