By Mary Belge, Curve magazine sex issue.

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...and so what if you see someone interests you? Go over to her and strike up a conversation. The easiest thing to do is to compliment her on something. "I really like your hair. Who cuts it?" or "Those are great shoes, where did you get them?" End with an open-ended question, so she has to engage with you. Don't just go up and offer to buy her a drink. Find something to talk about: the pool game, the band that's playing or last night's episode of The L Word.
...and what's next? Make eye contact and smile. Try to seem confident, even if you aren't, women respond to complimentary approaches that do not constitute as harassment!
1st Tip Be yourself. Don't try to impress her with something about yourself that isn't true.
2nd Tip Set realistic expectations. Your goal should be to talk to someone, not to necessarily get her number or ask her on a date.
3rd Tip It can be easier to approach someone in a small group than a gorgeous woman standing by herself.
4th Tip Have a card printed up with your name and phone number that you can give to people if they ask.
5th Tip Don't be too pushy. After talking for a while, introduce yourself, say it was nice meeting her and excuse yourself and walk away. See if she approaches you later. Or you can return later to ask her to dance or say you enjoyed talking to her and would like her phone number.
6th Tip Try to find something that you have that she wants. This could be information about tickets to a popular show, the name of that new self-help book, an extra car phone charger that just happens to fit her phone, then get her number so you can call her about it later.
Congratulate yourself No matter what the outcome, you took a risk and put yourself out there. Have a drink or a dance to celebrate.
Have a wing woman This could be a friend who comes to the bar with you to boost your confidence and to check in with after you talk to someone.
Think beyond the present Be friendly and courteous. Even if you and she don't hit it off, she could have a friend that you like.
Try flirting a little Pay attention to how she reacts and respond accordingly. If you're sensing she's interested, tell her she has beautiful eyes or she's a good dancer.

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