By Kathy Belge from About Lesbian Life. Like any minority group, there are plenty of myths and stereotypes about lesbians. Here we take a look at and break down some of the biggest myths about lesbian sex and sexuality.

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1. Lesbians don't like penetration. Fact: This myth is often perpetuated by lesbians themselves. I can't tell you the number of lesbians who write into me concerned that their partners desired for fingers or a sex toy inside them means they'd rather be with a man. Not so! Penetration feels good, no matter what your sexual orientation.
2. All lesbians love oral sex. Fact: Yes, some lesbians love to receive and give oral sex, but not all do. It's not the sexual act that defines your sexuality, rather, the person you want to have sex with.
3. Lesbians don't have to worry about STDS. Fact: Lesbians are at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Learn how to protect yourself.
4. Lesbians stop having sex when they get older. Fact: Lesbians can and do experience happy and healthy sexual relationships as they age. Some times sexuality changes after menopause, but it usually does not stop.
5. Lesbians automatically know how to please one another. Fact: You may both have similar anatomy, but that doesn?t mean what turns one person on is going to do it for the other. The best way to please a lover is not to do what you like to her, but to ask her what she likes and to give it to her.
6. Lesbian sex mostly involves hugging, kissing and caressing. Fact: Lesbians like all kinds of sexual experience from soft and sweet to rough and raw.
7. Butches are tops, femmes are bottoms. Fact: Some butches are bottoms. Many femmes are tops. And plenty of butches and femmes are versatile, they like to give and receive in the bedroom.
8. Lesbian Bed Death Will Set in. Fact: Whereas most couples, regardless of sexual orientation, experience a slow down in sexual activity after they've been together for a while, most lesbian couples continue to experience sexual intimacy throughout the course of their relationships.

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