Sometimes its hard to be a woman, but its bloody great being a lesbian. Aside from the obvious bonus that we get to date women, there are many other unexpected advantages. Lesbilicious has shared this post with us...

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Cost Saving The cost of expensive but necessary items such as hair dryers is halved and clothes, shoes, make-up and jewellery can all be shared. If you are lucky enough to date someone the same size as you, your wardrobe instantly doubles.
Eat what you like! When serving dinner you don?t have to automatically take the smallest portion in order to look dainty and feminine.
Household chores are equally shared You share household chores equally compared with your straight female counterparts who do 75% of the boring jobs.
Lesbian sex is famous for it's unique intimacy, passion and variation! The fact that the typical lesbian bedroom scenario contains two pairs of breasts, two clitorises, two g-spots and maybe even a bag of sex toys makes it the most varied type of sex there is.
Lesbian sex is possible without a penis How many times have bewildered blokes or straight girls asked their lesbian friends ?but how do you have sex without a penis??
Sweet Snoring You partner is less likely to snore, and if she does you probably do too, sweetly...
Ultimate trustworthy friend Straight women are predators and often see other women as a threat. As a lesbian, you are the ultimate trustworthy friend as there is zero chance of you flirting with or stealing your mate?s man.
We are less exposed to get STD's Statistically, your partner is more likely to stay faithful and is less likely to give you a STD if you are in a lesbian relationship.
We get to go to stag parties and hen parties Your male friends consider you to be ?one of the lads? and you get to go to the stag dos with all the associated debauchery. Of course, you are also invited to hen parties with the added bonus you can bring your girlfriend along too.
We get to watch the best TV You can spend a whole day watching a Sex And The City box set or get hooked on Downton Abbey and your other half is unlikely to complain. In fact, she will probably be curled up watching it with you.

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