Sapphosophy - LEZZY JOKES

Titilating Lezzy Jokes Glossary sent in from Lesbian Kama Sutra visitors.

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From Maria / London A school girl asked her friend if she knew where the Clitoris was, her friend answered "I thinks it's somewhere on the back wall"
From Jane / NYNY A lesbian walks into a sex toy store and asks where the vibrators are. "Come this way," the cute woman behind the counter says, gesturing with her finger."If I could come that way, I wouldn't need the vibrator, would I?" the woman responds.
From Nicky / London What did the muff diver say to the snatch scratcher? "Hello, do you come here often"?
From Paula / London Knock Knock! Who's there? Knock Knock! Knock Knock who? Knock Knock who wants to Knock Knock my knockers with your knockers, will you be my bosom buddie?
From Vicki / London A farmer grows a field full of dildos. What's her problem? SQUATTERS!!

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